Mission, Vision and Values


Constant innovation to achieve technical excellence, strict implementation of a quality-driven system, a culture of ceaseless endeavour to exceed customer expectations and a commitment to society and the natural environment.


To become a global leader providing RF solutions through constant innovation in technology.

Our Values

Client Value Creation: We lay emphasis on introducing high technology products to meet clients' requirements and standards for creating long-term win-win relationships and strive to exceed clients' expectations in affordability and quality.


We believe that passion is what sets us apart as a company. We are driven by what we do because we simply love doing it. There is an intense desire to be the best in all we do, thereby ensuring customer delight. Our team aspires to create innovative products/solutions for our clients. For our team, this is an exciting process engaging both the team and the client.
At Verdant, Innovation is not only understood as innovation of new products and services, but also as an ongoing process of updating and improving existing products and services, thus ensuring that the very best is always available for our clients.


Our team has been successful in delivering quality products and services consistently and has carved out a distinct niche for itself in the industry. Verdant maintains a documented quality system which complies with the International Aerospace Standard AS 9100 Rev.D. Verdant is now an AS 9100 Rev.D organization. This quality management system is effective across all disciplines and at all levels within Verdant to provide quality control during all phases of design, development, production and delivery. This ensures that top quality products are consistently produced, meeting or exceeding customer as well as regulatory requirements.

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to excellence is our operating philosophy. And we seek the highest quality in every aspect of our business operations. We are committed not only to our customers but to all stakeholders.

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